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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  November 8, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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gone into the plaza here, clearing out the camp. what we're seeing is video of what happened as proestors marched into downtown area. police say all four videos were taken in the area of washington and 8th street, they marched from the plaza, one appears to show a police officer hit by paint. you can see how some react with police trying to make an arrest. and now, later police chief jordan says officers used tear gas and fired a bean bag only when they felt threatened and these videos are meant to illustrate those situations. now, berkeley police officers were among those agencies that were called in that night part of a longstanding mutual aid agreement. tonight, berkeley city council will debate whether they want officers sent to oakland next time something like this happens. >> with what happened in oakland i think this really requires us to take a look and
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think about what situation will we respond? which when this activity and how we'll respond. >> that member of the city council and berkeley wants exemptions to agreements in terms of what incidents will trigger berkeley's involvement. another council member says she will not want to do anything jeopardizing berkeley getting mutual aid from other cities if, and when they need it. the debate expected tonight in berkeley. and in the meantime, as we know there have been several investigations opened up here in oakland. and as to what happened in terms of the police response since afternoon and evening of october 25th. in oakland abc 7 news. >> thank you. and some occupy oakland campers are ready to move beyond the plaza into vacant buildings throughout the city. they call it a logical next step, saying many build beings
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were foreclosed on and campers need a place to occupy. one explains why he was alarmed to hear people applauding this idea. >> whenever someone mentions taking over buildings or being more confrontational, it got a large outcry. >> two business associations sent the mayor a stern letter this morning, adding to growing calls to dismantle occupy oakland. >> this no longer, i think is speaking for the nationwide movement. i think that it's been invaded by other groups. >> in a written statement today, the mayor says while we support the call we cannot ignore violence, property discussion and health and safety issues. she made another request to campers for a peaceful resolution. >> and a bay area neighborhood is being made safer tonight. pg&e replacing thousands of feet of dangerous plastic pipeline carrying natural gas. that kind of pipe has a history of failure.
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it did so in the very spot where pg&e is now changing it out. tonight we have the story. >> and pg&e crews began carving out sections of the street to gain access to old, plastic pipelines. >> the lines you can see here along the road outside of the home, that is what we call main line, then, branched out, individual service lines going to the meter. and the plenty of sunshine will be replaced after a gas leak caused an explosion rocking this neighborhood on august 31. and in september, another line installed in 1981 exploded in roseville near sacramento. the type of plastics used here has failed in the past. the maker, dupont warned all pipe made prior to 1973 with
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crack. and jerry hill says there are other warnings. >> the national transportation safety board in 1998 came out with a recommendation pipes be checked, monitored and replaced. here, again, no one did anything bit. >> pg&e claims it has. still, utility company says replacing all plastics pre1973 all deyale pipes was not priority until now. >> that program has been focused on old, steel, thermos line that's don't do well. now, that that has wrapped up we're going to now start replacing pre1973. >> pg&e replacing 1200 miles of the pipeline system wide. which will take at least four years. in the meantime, many living up and down the peninsula want to know where they're located. >> there are communities have been built up and developed around 1960s and 70s.
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and this is one with a serious problem. >> pg&e promises to have the information in three to six month autos we're finalizing process, identifying where this pipe exists, putting it through a data base. >> assemblyman hill will introduce legislation demanding all safety recommendations made by the national transportation safety board be adopted immediately in cupertino abc 7 news. >> pg&e agreed to pay a record $38 million fine for a fate kral explosion near sacramento that. blast on christmas eve three years ago leveled a home in rancho corridor doba and killed a person inside. and investigators say pg&e was slow to respond that day. and it will be paid for by pg&e shareholders not
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customers and will go into the general fund. >> and it's election day. there is a number of issues on the ballot. and there is a lot of attention on the mayor's race there. is a move to end rank choice voting in san francisco elections. there is a resolution calling for a return to the runnoff system. vic lee is live tonight with the story. vic? >> supervisor elseburn and mark farrow introduced a resolution today. rank choice voting was approved by san francisco voters more than eight years ago. and since then, it's generated controversy and confusion. so today, we went down here to city hall and asked voters here to tell us just how this works. >> my wife tried to explain to it me. you know? one ear, out the other. >> i'd have to be a physicist to tell you. >> the person with the highest
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number one vote, the -- however many seconds, second choice votes has a different, lower weight. and so forth. so each categories of votes has a different weight. >> many people don't understand how it works. >> plain, simple is why the supervisor is proposing a charter amendment to end rank choice voting in this city. if a candidate receives a majority, he wins. if not, the last place candidate is eliminated and those who chose that candidate have their votes transferred to the second choice. that process is repeated until a candidate gets more than 50%. farrow says last november's oakland mayor's race is a per verse outcome of the voting system. jean quan ultimately beat the preemed -- presumed front runner though he had the most number one votes. >> when someone is elected mayor, with less than 25% of
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the first-place votes, people really look at that and say something is wrong this, doesn't work. >> prop pone yents argued it gets voters more choices, safes money because there is no runnoff election. and elects someone who ends up with a majority of those who voted. specializing in election daw lau says rank choice voting encourages candidates to be nicer to their opponents. >> this is forcing candidates to focus on the issue and reaching out to broadest possible group of people. >> and farrell believes it's made no difference. >> look at the mayor's race. tell me there hasn't been negative campaigning. that is all it's been. >> and this is the first truly competitive election for mayor in which rank choice voting may make a difference. now in 2007 a gavin newsom won
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with more than 70% of the vote so there was no reason to count choice buzz wisdom is that other choices may be important rmt. >> undoubtedly, thank you. there are a lot of candidates to choose from in san francisco. and there is still could take days to learn who wins. abc 7 is live for us. carolyn? >> well, the director of elections says sofr, so good. things have gone smoothly today. one polling place opened minutes late, no big deal. but what is surprising to him is the low, low voter turnout. >> so there is a total turnout is 82 thousand. so average turnout for last 10 mayor elections has been 50%.
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because of charges of campaign irregular larries and fraud and because of other concerns from ordinary san franciscoins, this secretary of state sent under cover monitor autos this is roving to polling places throughout the city and making sure election goes smoothly. >> it's the first competitive mayor's race use rank choichls but that system doesn't come into play until tomorrow. and there is a process for tonight. polls close at 8:00 p.m. 8:45 department of elections will announce first choice votes for weeks of early voting and absentee ballots turned in by yesterday. 9:45 will announce votes from most polling places today. and at 10:30, third report of the night with more first-choice votes from precincts. and those announcements continue until midnight.
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and if no candidate won 50% plus one, rank choice voting system computer calculations begin wednesday. at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, preliminary data is released on voters first, second and third choices and there will be results from provisional and write in ballots. necessary, data from more rounds of voting will be released each afternoon at 4:00 until a win jer declared. and san francisco voters choosing a sheriff and district attorney as well as looking at dueling propositions for pension reforms. and there is most eyes on the mayor's race, we'll be here throughout the night to let you know what happens. >> and there is a number of measures including propositions c and d on employee health and retirement
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benefits. a measure to give the city council a final say over police and fire benefits and there is a early returns at 9:00 with dan, then, updated results on abc 7 news at 11:00 and up to the minute numbers at abc 7 >> and there is a lot more to cover for you here be around the bay. five acres of prrt is set aside for a new ballpark and a team that may never win right to play here. >> from peninsula a firm makes jet fuel out of algae. tonight getting put to the test at airports. >> and they're calling it a solution to getting stubborn
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. san jose took a swing of getting oakland a's to head to the south bay approving a price tag for a two-year option in downtown san jose. abc 7 has detail autos this is the baseball stadium a's owner wants to build in san jose. he says he'd dwoit $500 million in private investment money. today, the city stepped up, giving a's a two-year option to buy nearly five acres of city-owned land near downtown. >> in some, it's hugely important to city of san jose for revenues and jobs. we need both of those. >> many critics say the land deal doesn't make sense, the agency paid a total of $25 million for the six parcels,
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and willing to sell for $7 million, which is considered fair market value for a ballpark use. >> there are residents still on the hook for bond and mortgage payments and then kick this can down the road. >> and contend if built would have future benefits, the city anticipates $1.5 kblinl to general fund, 1.7 for redevelopment and housing and $2.3 million benefiting other agencies. supporters argue would it create 350 construction jobs and a thousand permanent jobs. >> and there is support of tens of thousands in this community that need to go to work. >> with option to buy, a's need permission to move into giants territory. that is a huge hurdle. >> this will prepare san jose for the day when mr. selig and
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major league baseball sees the light improving the move for the a's. >> counsel reiterated a promise no matter how a's deal plays out jortz will have a final day sai in whether the team hits a home run in san jose. >> and instructors in san francisco state gave students a real life lesson in kmikz. and dozens held a rally. the union gears up for a strike next week. the teachers want pay raises for 3,000 educators making less than recent hires. officials say they're dealing with a cut of $650 million and this will take place november 17th and affects only csu east bay and dominguez hills campus autos that rotten egg smell
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lingering over one neighborhood may get worse. it's coming from a crude oil leak, and people are sick from it. and crews discovered a leak last night saying the stench could get worse as soon as they remove the soil. >> and let's talk about the weather forecast. it's been lovely. >> cool, beautiful. >> and there is really chilly this morning. and there is a live view now from our high definition sutro camera on a clear, and rapidly becoming cool evening. there is a look at low temperatures, trtsz dropping to 34 in santa rosa. and 32 in fairfield. not quite so cold. and there is a tie for record
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lows for this date. 44 degrees in oakland. there is 50 in fairfield. getting chilly there overnight. 54 now in napa. there is highlights, will be clear, overnight, cold inland again. dry, mild two days and rain arriving friday to interrupt the pattern. lows into 30s, over in the east bay, into morgan hill a low of 39. low 40s around the bay and near the coast. there is high pressure, a large ridge of it still the dominant feature bringing us two more dry, mild days through thursday, then there is a wet weather system and rainfall friday morning. and thoinlt rain just off shore, and as we get into the
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morning rush there is light rain developing and by 9:00 or so, which is around the end of the morning rush there is steady rainfall pushing on shore. so there is another sunny, mild one, high temperatures up to 68, santa rosa, san jose and campbell. 69 in los gatos, peninsula, mid to upper 60s, 67 menlo park, low 60s on the coast z downtown san francisco, 65 tomorrow. and there is up into the north bay, highs of 66 in santa rosa. and 65 sonoma and napa. near east bay highs, mid-60s. there is inland east bay, mid-60s as well z there is the accu-weather forecast. the mild weather ends on friday.
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clouds arrive and rain cooler. there is a chance of showers saturday, sunday gets milder, monday, tuesday, back to mild patterns again. >> thank you. >> and coming up here tonight there is a yashlg new one woman show. >> a local actress tells a ix
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a san francisco murder case came to an emotional end today. scott holland pleaded guilty to killing a publicist last year after posing as a utility worker. friends and family left the courtroom and he attempted to plead guilty in exchange for a sentence to 50 years to life in prison. district attorney gascone says it spares the family of having to go through a painful trial. >> this is a case that not only destroyed the family but impacted the kmuchblt it was senseless and brutal and should have never happened. >> the defense attorney calledded evidence overwhelming and says the fact he accepted this deal shows how remorseful he s. >> and there is 400 people
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looking for work showed up at the job fair today. both public and private sector companies were on hand. one said events are productive than searching online. >> because this is coming to you. have you a chance to tell, what it's like. if you like that exchange you have. >> there is another job fair coming up in san francisco from noon until 4:00 tomorrow, 185 jobs will be available to places like pru den skpshl wells fargo. >> tomorrow, fema will conduct a test involving nearly every radio and television station in the country. test of the emergency alert system. and this will be the first time every station will conduct one simultaneously.
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you'll here a series of beeps and tones followed by instructions. officials hope to determine whether it will be effective in the event of a nation wide disaster. >> still head here tonight at 6:30 for you the child sex scandal that has a famed coach in some trouble. his days may be numbed now at penn state. >> herman cain issues a new denial of the claims against him saying he's willing to take a polygraph test. >> a marijuana farmer finds his license to legally grow pot got him busted. úúúúúúúúúúúúú [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature.
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is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. legendary football coach joe patterno becoming a focal point of child sex allegation that's rocked penn state university.
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"new york times" is reporting that patterno's time as head coach will be soon over, perhaps by week's end. this soon after the university cancelled a weekly news conference. >> and there is, i know you guys have a lot of questions and we'll try to do it as soon as we can. >> the status quo holds. there is no knowledge other than joe is the coach of penn state. when there is nor to add, i will. >> long time patterno assistant is accused of sexually assaulting eight boys. patterno told a grand jury he was informed in 2002 and immediately reported that to his supers. prosecutors say patterno is not a target of the investigation. >> and presidential candidate herman cain denies sexual harassment claims against him,
6:31 pm
another accuser is speaking out. cain says he doesn't remember meeting the woman who came forward yesterday. and cain said he's willing to take a lie detector test to prove her wrong arks kusing her of lying. >> let's be clear, you're saying she's lying about this? >> yes. i am saying that. you know? and i don't know any other way to say it. >> and another rom received a cash settlement after accusing cain of sexual harass oomt throughout california federal prosecutors threatening to crack down on medical marijuana indistory claiming california law has become a shelter for illegal profiteers. tonight california watch with help looks into what happens here in northern california.
6:32 pm
matthew cull ti vaits medicinal marijuana in northern california. for a year, he's been operating legally. mendocino county rules allow him to grow up to 99 plants provided he submits to regulations like inspections by sheriff deputy autos we figured we're complying with state law and local regulations and that is not what the federal government was interested in. >> heavily armed agents stormed the compound. >> everybody hopped out of the car. i told my wife we're being raided. they said open up. i said i'm opening the door nouchl they had battering ram ready to go through the door. and they grabbed me, slammed me against the wall and cuffed me. >> agents searched buildings his security system recorded their movers. it was only after the was underway that the sheriff learned one farmer in his inspection program was
6:33 pm
the target. >> that afternoon, after i assumed that everything was cleared. he said he was treated fairly and said he was ant rested and said they sat down -- cut down marijuana plants. 99. i assured him that in my opinion as far as local and state laws were concerned, he was abiding by laws. >> in cohen's case, agents took interest in documents showing his compliance with county rules because the very same documents making him legal in mendocino county could be used to show he's violating federal law. days before the raid california's four u.s. attorneys announced a major offensive. >> one reason we're making anoinsments is to try to put to rest the notion large
6:34 pm
marijuana businesses can shelter under state law and operate without fear of federal enforcement. >> they make themselves prime targets. >> joseph rusanello served as a u.s. attorney and says advertising is just one indication that most medical marijuana outfits are targets for feds. >> i think that the u.s. attorneys would probably agree about 96-98% of the operators in this state were out of compliance. >> the d.e.a.and u.s. attorney would not comment about this raid. and haig has said they're looking into the mendocino program meaning that officials in the county are now worried about the future of the tagging program. and that is something no county tried. >> if they're wondering what happens next? we had an individual doing everything they can do to be as legal as they can if the
6:35 pm
federal authorities are go tg raid him, then no one is safe. >> while it doesn't challenge in court, recent raids leave advocates across the state worried and sure's department in a squeeze between local and federal law. >> if the mendocino county ordinance is in violation of federal law, i want to be told that by the highest court of the law f it's not i want to be told that, too. >> here is what is left. sends a message that the federal government would prefer they operate underground, unregulated. >> if we had consequences. there are things we have to do. we have federal mandates, we'll follow those law ootz raid on this farm is cited in a lawsuit accusing the attorney general and u.s.
6:36 pm
attorney of using coyergs to interfere with powers delegated to the state. >> and still coming up here tonight, michael finney has a product promising to get rid of embarrassing deodorant
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a big union victory in ohio tonight. law would have allowed
6:39 pm
collective bargaining for wages but would have banned strikes and commotions based on seniority. >> tonight money matters layoffs coming to silicon valley. adobe systems today pro dikted it would make $1 billion and there is a push into digital media and marketing costing 750 people their jobs and hewlett-packard is reportedly now considering selling the operating sis timt runs on, maybe to oracle according to the routers news agency. california gas prices could rise to $4.50 a gallon by easter according to analysts. triple a said bay area gas prices are 56 cents higher than last year. >> and from ground transportation to flying, aviation history being made this week. two major airlines put bio fuel into tanks this is a
6:40 pm
major break through for bay area labs. >> solar time spent years fermenting algae and shown how kit power vehicles. now, there is a large scale market this, jetliner leaving houston's george bush intercontinental airport is a commercial jet to be operated by a blend of bio fuel and standard jet fuel uk see this is scaled up to see it in gratifying. >> there is a 40% power fuel mix. south san francisco based solar has a contract to supply the fuels, that is less than 1% of the fuel consumption yupgs. it's ramping up for larnl scale production. >> we're in the process of developing and designing plants now that will be up and operational by by the end of
6:41 pm
2013 and we're going to have them all over the globe. >> and the potential cost savings will depend on oil prices. jet fuel costs $3.11 today, and they expect it will be $3.444 a gallon. alaska airlines is launching a similar project this week with bio fuel made from used cooking oil. alaska airlines says it bought 28,500 gallons enough to fuel 75 planes over the next two, or three, weeks and. >> airlines from here to there. and the more efficiently you can do it. better off we are. >> the choice of houston, home of big oil for the flight sends a message. >> we're doing it. there we're here to stay. >> in south san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and coming up, michael finney's product test. >> how to
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>> it's an irnant life in need of a solution, stubborn
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deodorant stain autos there is a new remover on the market but does it work? >> everybody has been going ha, does it work? it's called deo-go. the label says it removes stubborn under arm stains. come on. we had to put that claim to the test. >> hopefully we can solve that. >> tanya has seen problem of clothes. >> your deodorant leaves a yellowish stain after a while. >> kim has seen it too,. >> they're embarrassing. you don't want to walk around with the stain autos and they see it every day in his cleaners. >> if there is a product removing this completely, beautiful, white like a brand new white shirt? ut of the package? that would be a miracle. >> we wanted to find out if this was that miracle. we asked them to give it a
6:46 pm
tri. kim agreed to test a homemade remedy on the internet. we begin with tanya. >> if it does work it's going to save me a lot of white banana republic dress shirts i don't have to buy again. >> she rubbed in the solution using a toothbrush. >> this is my husband's. kidding. >> and the dry cleaner gave it an 80% chance to get the stain out, he thinks the stain on this men's shirt is unlikely to ever come out. he fears this shirt has reached the end of its life. >> this is like aging. aging is i age, a shirt ages. >> back at kim's house, we began mixing our homemade solution. a quarter cup after mona, four cups of water, she hopes this works better than what she normally does. >> i normally just rub my shirt together, it's still there. >> it's almost time to see results.
6:47 pm
kim gives her top a good scrub, and archie puts his shirts into the wash after a a.plying deo-go. tanya rushing thing as long putting a blow drier. >> i think it looked like it works. i don't see it anymore. >> archie says deo-go worked as well as can be expected removing some of the stain but not all. the yellow stain on the first men's shirt turned into what archie called a dinky white. the shirt predicted would need to be tossed out didn't show improvement. >> over all money is about the same as other chemicals used already. i didn't see extreme improve tomt say it's something exceptional. >> what about our homemade remedy? >> as soon as i get the solution on there, it is making a huge difference. as soon as i rub it, it is making the stain disappear. >> deo-go sells for $10 both
6:48 pm
women testers say they'd be reluctant to use a product that takes 20 minutes to dry. deo go says it's better than throwing away a shirt. >> there is a point. >> thank you. >> sure. >> and there is a new show opening this week in san francisco in is the drama behind the scenes is almost as compelling as what is on stage. >> i remember when you're six months old, huh? >> actress has her grandmother in forgetting details. a poignant one woman show about how her family cope was grandmothers live. >> i wanted to shed light on alzheimer's to show what a care giver goes through. this is a heart breaking disease. >> this is the studio started more than 20 years ago in a store front of a residential
6:49 pm
hotel. in 1997 a group of filipino actors opened a show there. it became a sold out hit it became an epi center for philippino artists. >> they took it over and it became a home for philippino actors, comedians and artists. but waits when sixth street was changing. a residential hotel had to go. >> we did have to fight for it. because this is part of the building and they didn't know we existed. >> the redevelopment agency built a new hotel and they negotiated for this home. they need $5,000 just this month to pay for stage lights. it's gone from a small, dark space nobody knew existed to this modern theater in a new building. and the phone shall here is unlimited. >> there is a sea of opportunity.
6:50 pm
>> i want to bring the show to broadway. i know it's a big dream but that is what i want to do. see? i told you. better story than this green eggs and ham, huh? >> big, theater dreams. >> that is need. >> let's update the forecast. >> there is a two more mild days ahead. and tomorrow, thursday, mild, sunny z rain arriving friday, cooler, a chance of showers saturday. and weather comes cu
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up, from shopping malls to shopping mauls, bying things just got easier. >> and at 11:00 the next lift takes just minutes but sit right for you? and now on to sports. big game. >> it s larry beil is here now with that. >> and someone sheer nervous. >> yes. >> and there is the biggest game of the season. stanford hosting oregon this saturday night. cardinals
6:54 pm
putting a 17-game winning streak on the line and won't have two of the top receivers z mike shumann now has the preview. >> if you like watching a track meet or fast break basketball, oregon is the ticket. they're the fastest team in the country and stanford knows they'll have their hands full saturday. >> they're going to make plays. you can't shut them down. you want to limit them as best you can. >> you can't coach speed, but you can stop it one, you can't panic when making a play. two, we've got a tackle. >> the speed is not restricted to offense. >> there is a great job of co-and this is is forcing quarterbacks into bad decision autos they'll try to keep the ball out of oregon's hands. >> only matters if scoring
6:55 pm
touchdowns. you know? >> and we're going have to come out scoring and are going try to keep the ball out of oregon's hands. >> this is a game national title hopes can evaporate with a loss. >> if you play well, you need a chance to play in the big game that. is what this is. for winner games only getting bigger. >> i don't know about you, but i'm ready to play now, right here on abc 7, saturday with a 5:00 p.m. kickoff. >> and that is going to be a fun game. suddenly there is heat on hugh jackman there is a some uncertainty about the team's direction now. tip tewow with tons of blown assignments on defense. saying there are no issues on
6:56 pm
raiders. >> i don't think there is a chemistry issue on this issue. two, roster turnover had to be made. and this is to better the football team. i don't think that that has anything to do with what is going on. >> and first glance looks like nuclear winter is coming but there is some progress here, they're willing to take a split. they want a soft cal salry cap. we'll sfee that is good enough to get a deal done. today players rejected take it or leave it offer. >> there you're willing to continue discussions on potential compromise. without those improve manies we don't see a way of getting a deal done. >> players have given a lot
6:57 pm
back in these negotiation autos yes. >> they're closed. and we'll find out whether they're close enough. >> thank you. >> and that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> and sky 7 hd has just arrived at lucas ranch where a three-alarm fire is burning. we believe in the main house. we'll sweep any breaking developments for you there is a live picture and it's election day. stay with us for coverage on coffee tv 20 at 9:00. abc 7 news at 11:00 and abc 7 for larry beil, spencer christian and all of us, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. >> good night for now, everyone. ♪
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